Injoy Extracts Cannabis Gummy Bears Review

Company Overview

Injoy Extracts is on a mission to revolutionize the CBD and cannabis industries. With over 40+ years of expertise driving them forward, they are dedicated to providing top-notch edible hemp-derived products from advanced extraction methods. They stand out with their commitment to quality, compliance, transparency, and consistency and strive to maintain their industry leader position.

Besides delivering exceptional products formulated with unusual ingredients, Injoy Extracts also proudly bears a witty tone perfect for any modern customer.

Today, I will review their Cannabis Gummy Bears.

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Cannabis Gummy Bears

cannabis gummy bears

As someone who's tried almost every edible in Injoy's catalog, I was excited to try these babies. These delicious gummies are infused with not just one but two unique cannabinoids – Delta 8 and HHC, making for one of the most relaxing and enjoyable highs I have ever experienced.

What sets these gummies apart from others in the market is the combination of Delta 8 and HHC. Delta 8 is a derivative of Delta 9 THC, the psychoactive component found in cannabis. It provides a milder high with less anxiety and paranoia while still delivering the desired sense of euphoria and relaxation. HHC, on the other hand, is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in trace amounts in certain strains of cannabis. It is known for its calming and soothing effects, making it the perfect companion to Delta 8.

Each Injoy Extracts gummy bear is infused with 25mg of Delta 8 and 35mg of HHC, ensuring a consistent and potent high every time. The pack comes with 20 gummies, each individually wrapped and available in delicious assorted flavors like strawberry, orange, and grape. It's great to have a variety of flavors to choose from, as it keeps the experience exciting and enjoyable.

As someone who has tried various cannabis-infused gummies before, I must say that the flavor of Injoy Extracts gummies is exceptional. I tried the strawberry gummy bear and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it tasted. Sometimes, cannabis-infused products can have an overpowering and unpleasant taste, but these gummies were just the opposite – they were almost too good to believe they contained cannabis.

I took one gummy bear and waited for the effects to kick in. It's essential to start with a lower dosage and wait for the effects to fully take hold before consuming more. It took about 90 minutes for me to feel the effects, and when it did, it was a gradual build-up. I started to feel relaxed but still very much in control. No anxiousness or paranoia can sometimes come with consuming Delta 9 THC.

The effects became more pronounced as time passed, and I felt a sense of euphoria and happiness. It was a calming and uplifting high, unlike any other cannabis product I have tried. I could fully relax and enjoy my time without feeling overly sedated or out of touch.

What I loved most about the Injoy Extracts gummies was that the high lasted hours. Typically, with other edibles, I have noticed that the effects wear off quickly, leaving me wanting more. But with these gummies, the high was sustained for a long time, allowing me to bask in its calming and enjoyable effects fully.

Apart from the enjoyable high, I also appreciated the packaging and labeling of the product. The gummies come in a resealable bag, ensuring they stay fresh and potent for future use. The packaging also clearly states the dosage and ingredients, making it easy to track and manage intake.

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Injoy Extracts Cannabis Gummy Bears Review - Conclusion

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Injoy Extracts Cannabis Gummy Bears to anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable cannabis experience. The combination of Delta 8 and HHC creates a unique high that is both euphoric and calming.

The delicious flavors and potent dosages make for a perfect treat, and the sustained effects ensure an excellent time for hours. These gummies have earned a spot on my list of top cannabis products, and I can't wait to try out more flavors from Injoy Extracts in the future.