Binoid Power 9 Blend Strawberry Kiwi Gummies Review

Company Overview

Founded in 2018, Binoid CBD was built on providing the public with quality hemp and cannabinoid products for you to enjoy, either recreationally or medically. Binoid prides itself on creating the best cannabis products, testing, and ensuring that every product is up to standards and ready to enjoy.

Based in Los Angeles, California, its mission is simple, to create fun, unique, and effective Hemp-derived products. Binoid believes that Hemp cannabinoids should be vital to living a healthy lifestyle.

Today I will try their Power 9 Blend Strawberry Kiwi gummies.

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Premium Power 9 Blend Gummies

I expected a regular edible with average effects, but that was untrue. The edibles are made with 40mg of the Power 9 Blend, combining Delta 9, THC-JD, and HHC-P with THC-B, Delta 8, HHC, and more to provide a uniquely superior full-body experience.

I put one gummy into my mouth, and the taste was surprisingly great. It had a lovely and tangy flavor, just as I had imagined. I felt the effects within an hour and was pleased with the results. All the cannabinoids in the Power 9 Blend seemed to work in synergy to give me an incredible body buzz.

I felt a surge of energy and a wave of happiness that swept over me. I felt more alert and focused, which was much stronger than expected. The effects lasted an hour or more and then slowly faded away until I felt completely back to normal.

I was delighted with the Binoid Power 9 Blend strawberry Kiwi edibles. The flavor was great, and the effects were solid and long-lasting. It took an hour for the effects to hit me, but I was left with a powerful yet enjoyable body buzz when they did. All the cannabinoids in the Power 9 Blend seemed to work together in perfect harmony, giving me a great experience. I highly recommend trying these if you want an extraordinary buzz and experience.

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Binoid Power 9 Blend Strawberry Kiwi Gummies Review - Conclusion


I am never disappointed by Binoid's edibles; their Strawberry Kiwi edibles are no exception. These edibles' great flavor and quality have been consistent every time I've tried them. I never have to worry about a bad batch or too bitter or sweet a taste.

Every product is comparable to the last, so when I'm in the mood for something fruity to sweeten up my day, I know I can always rely on Binoid's edibles to come through. I would highly recommend their Strawberry Kiwi edibles to anyone looking for something delicious and affordable.