What happens if you take too much Delta 8 THC?

Cannabis is one of the few drugs that have never had a reported overdose or accidental death. Safe and responsible consumption of any strain, cannabinoid, or THC product will get you high, sometimes too high but it will never kill you.

A new cannabinoid, Delta 8, is quickly becoming a popular and preferred strain of cannabis due to the calming properties of the cannabinoid. Since it is made in a lab and technically not made naturally, is it possible to have long-term effects from too much Delta 8? Is it possible to overdose on Delta 8?

We are going to answer these questions and more. So stay tuned to see how Delta 8 THC affects you.

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What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is synthetically produced by mixing CBD or delta-9 THC. It is popular and preferred because it often leads to a more mild “high” with less accompanying anxiety. Delta 8 THC is a preferred medical marijuana cannabinoid because of its mildness and relaxing properties of it.

When consumed, Delta 8 THC interacts with your endocannabinoid system and CB receptors that control pain relief and inflammation.

Is Delta 8 Safe?

The cannabis plant has over 100 cannabinoids and Delta 8 THC is just one of them. It can have some intoxicating effects just like any cannabis product, and it is available in just about any dispensary you go to.

Being lab-made may sway you away from trying Delta 8 THC and there hasn't been a lot of research done on the cannabinoid, but those who have tried Delta 8 THC products have only good things to say about it, so in short, Delta 8 THC, when taken in low doses and responsibly, it is safe for you.

Is Delta 8 legal?

With the introduction of the farm bill in 2018, we got a clearer picture of what drugs were legal and not legal and just how legal marijuana really was. The bill states that any marijuana product, derivative or cannabinoid is legal as long as it has less than 0.3 percent THC by weight.

So Delta 8 is legal in any state or country where cannabis is legal so long as you have the legal amount of it.

Delta 8 Effects

With the ideal dosage of Delta 8 THC, users report that they feel many indica-like effects. Some users report feeling euphoric and relaxed, while other users have reported pain and inflammation relief.

Many users, especially the ones with a high tolerance, report mild effects that don't disrupt them from their day or limit their physical abilities. Much like CBD products that relax you and make you feel good, Delta 8 THC products do the same.

When taken with the recommended dosage, most users will report a case of cotton mouth, minor body high, and feeling drowsy.

What happens when you take too much Delta 8 THC?

Sometimes you enjoy the high so much you keep taking more and more and more. Sometimes, you don't feel anything, and then you keep taking more and more until you feel something, before you know it, you've taken way too much delta 8 THC, and you're feeling the effects. What do you do?

As mentioned earlier, no one has ever overdosed from smoking too much and that proves to be the same with Delta 8 THC or any other cannabinoids.

Delta 8 Flower

Smoking too much flower is common, especially if you are a regular smoker. Those with high tolerances tend to test the boundaries often and like to see how far their tolerance takes them. When you smoke too much Delta 8, you immediately feel an intense head high, one that feels like you just got punched in the face.

You also feel like the world is going in slow motion which leads to a slower reaction time and perception, which makes it dangerous to operate machinery or any vehicle. Other common side effects of too much Delta 8, is dry eyes, dry mouth, and even temporary memory loss.

Delta 8 vape cartridges

delta 8 vape cart

Like smoking, cannabis users test their limits with vape pens and often just end up getting way too high. Vaping too much Delta 8 has similar effects as smoking it; you get an intense head high, a cottonmouth, and dry eyes.

With vaping, the effects only last about 15-20 minutes so you won't be in any immediate danger. Since it is less potent than traditional marijuana, even the worst effects won't overpower you.

Delta 8 edibles

Edibles is the most common type of accidental overconsumption since it take the longest to hit. Often, new users will get impatient and continue to take a high dose to feel the effects of the edibles. Since edibles enter your body differently than smoking or vaping, the effects will be different and they will hit you slower and more gradually.

Edibles are consumed orally which means it interact with your liver and that means the effects will last longer. Taking too many Delta 8 THC edibles will result in some negative reactions like high anxiety, paranoia, rapid heart rate, and just an overall bad experience.

It won't affect you long-term, but it will feel like it, and you will be going through a tough time for about 45 minutes to an hour.

The best way to avoid getting too high and experiencing bad side effects is to limit how much you take and do all the research you can before trying Delta 8.

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What happens if you consume too much Delta 8 - Conclusion

Taking too much Delta 8 can happen and although it can be scary, Delta 8 was made to enjoy and consume safely, so even the worst effects won't last long.

As long as you enjoy Delta 8 responsibly, you'll experience nothing but the benefits of it and how great it can be for any aches, pains, and even anxiety disorders.