WNC CBD Living Soil Industrial Hemp Review

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If you’re looking for exceptional Hemp products, look no further than WNC CBD. WNC CBD is a family-owned and operated brand that believes that goodness starts with quality, so they go the extra mile to ensure you get the best hemp flower on the market today.

Working with certified farmers and experienced manufacturers to ensure perfection reaches your plate. Whether it’s dropped off or delivered directly to your door, WNC CBD promises an extraordinary experience that leaves you feeling good and satisfied!

Today I will review two of their strains, Mandarin Cookies, and Sour Garlic Cookies.

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Living Soil Industrial Hemp - Mandarin Cookies

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As a flower connoisseur, I have been familiar with WNC CBD for a long time, trying many of its THCa strains. I started with the Mandarin Cookies, which had an interesting name, and I was excited to try it out.

This strain is renowned for its balanced and well-rounded high, providing users with a euphoric and cerebral buzz that uplifts mood and promotes creativity. I was excited to see if this strain would offer the energizing effects that many users have reported.

Upon opening the package, I saw a delightful citrus scent similar to fresh mandarin oranges. Subtle yet delicious notes of earth and spice complemented this terpene-rich blend. Moreover, the strain ground surprisingly well. After a few short tokes, the effects of Mandarin Cookies kicked in quickly.

I was filled with a pleasant mental clarity that left me feeling alert and motivated yet very relaxed. I felt much more focused and creative than the tired couch-lock sensation commonly associated with some cannabis strains.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Mandarin Cookies. This cannabis strain is worth trying for anyone who wants to enjoy the balanced effects of uplifting and relaxing cannabis. Its energizing and creative sensations make it an excellent choice for daytime use. At the same time, its calming effects provide a mellow and enjoyable experience.

Living Soil Industrial Hemp - Sour Garlic Cookies

The next strain I decided to try was Sour Garlic Cookies. I'm still in awe of how unique and powerful this hybrid was. The buds were thick and chunky, with a vibrant green color that set the tone for the experience that was to come. The scent was spicy and unmistakable - I could pick up hints of garlic and diesel alongside earthy and sour undertones. On the inhale, I was immediately struck by the robust flavors of garlic and diesel, supplemented in the background by an herbal and sour undertone.

I recently tried the Sour Garlic Cookies strain from WNC CBD, and it was a great experience! The taste was robust and sweet, with a nice hint of garlic. I felt a pleasant, deep relaxation that felt quite euphoric; it was the perfect balance of relaxation and energy.

Even though I usually prefer a fast-acting high, this strain had a nice slow burn. The effects gradually build-up, allowing for a much longer-lasting and enjoyable experience.

The effects were felt almost immediately; a pleasant mental clarity combined with an uplifting and euphoric relaxation that lasted for hours. I was able to focus and concentrate on tasks, as well as feel relaxed enough to engage in social conversations. Overall, I highly recommend WNC CBD's Sour Garlic Cookies strain- it's potent, balanced, and will have you feeling elevated and energized every time.

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WNC CBD Living Soil Industrial Hemp Review

Overall, WNC CBD's Sour Garlic Cookies and Mandarin Cookies strains put out a unique flavor that perfectly balances sweetness and savoriness. Not only are their flavors a treat, but their potency is something to be admired. Both the Sour Garlic Cookies, with their high THC, and Mandarin Cookies, with their balanced THC to CBD levels, make for an experience that can have you feeling relaxed yet energized.

The effects produced by these strains are suitable for everyone- from the novice smoker to the experienced smoker. Whether you're looking for something to give you a little boost or enhance your creative abilities, you can't go wrong with the Sour Garlic Cookies strain. As for Mandarin Cookies, it's just the right strain to give you a calming energy and sharpen your mental clarity.

Overall, I highly recommend WNC CBD's Sour Garlic Cookies strain- it's potent, balanced, and will have you feeling elevated and energized every time. It's also well-suited for almost any situation and can help you tackle everyday challenges while boosting your mood. Mandarin Cookies are another favorite, providing a mellow and calming feeling that's perfect for relaxing and enjoying the moment.