Wild Orchard Co. Live Resin THCa Diamonds 2-Gram Disposable Review

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Wild Orchard Co. is a hemp company located in the USA that deeply values regulatory compliance and strives to deliver high-quality products. Unlike many others in the industry, Wild Orchard Co. believes that the benefits of hemp should be accessible to everyone rather than hidden away. That's why they prioritize transparency and offer various products to suit various needs.

If you're familiar with hemp-derived cannabinoid products, Wild Orchard Co. is here to cater to your preferences and desires. Their selection spans from Delta 8 to Delta 9 and even HHC, covering all the familiar favorites. Whether you prefer vaping or incorporating hemp into your diet, Wild Orchard Co. has got you covered.

To ensure exceptional quality, all of Wild Orchard Co.'s products are manufactured in Iso-certified lab facilities that meet the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) standards. They uphold stringent certification processes so that you can trust the consistency and safety of their products. If interested, you can view their lab reports to gain further insights into their thorough product testing procedures.

Choose Wild Orchard Co. for a hemp experience that meets and exceeds your expectations. Trust their commitment to regulatory compliance, dedication to transparency, and unwavering focus on delivering the finest hemp-derived cannabinoid products.

Today I will be reviewing their Live resin THCa diamonds 2-gram disposable, Fruit Punch.

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THCa Live Resin Diamonds 2-Gram Disposable - Fruit Punch (Sativa)

Wild Orchard CO. Live Resin THCa diamonds disposable fruit punch

THCa and sativa have long been great pairings due to their almost opposite effects. Sativa is an upper, known for giving you bursts of energy, helping with your creativity or production, and it is just a great way to smoke if you're looking for a little pick me up.

THCa on the other hand is much more mellower, closely resembling an indica, due to the fact it doesn't bind to your CB1 receptors, that are responsible for that "high" feeling. Since these two are polar opposites, they make for a great time, especially in vape form.

This THCa live resin disposable is made with live resin, which means all the product you're going to be inhaling is as natural as can be, to the point where you can taste and smell the exact strain it is picked from. Fruit Punch is well known for packing a punch in both taste and effects, giving the smoker a great bursts of euphoric energy and a feeling of giddiness. The taste is just as potent, providing a fruity, sweet taste that makes it coveted by many novice smokers.

Now to try out this amazing little pen. The 2-gram disposable came in standard Wild Orchard Co. packaging and it was a nice white sleek pen, with a singular button for heating up and vaping. I took my first hit and could immediately feel the pure and highly concentrated THCA that doesn't make you feel high, it does make you feel the powerful effects and potential therapeutic perks. It's pretty awesome stuff! It took me about 2-3 hits to really feel the effects and man were they amazing!

It was like a sativa high without all the bad side effects like anxiety or paranoia, my eyes didn't even really get red. It was one of the most enjoyable high's i've ever experienced, a euphoric one that didn't overwhelm me whatsoever.

I was truly blown away by the whole experience, from the first hit to the very last. Since it was 2-grams, the pen lasted me about two weeks, being the perfect pick me up throughout my day. A truly mind-blowing experience I can't compare to anything else.

Wild Orchard Co. Live Resin THCa Diamonds 2-Gram Disposable Review - Conclusion

Wild Orchard Co. Live Resin THCa Diamonds 2-Gram Disposable Review Live Resin CU

Wild Orchard Co.'s Live Resin THCa Diamonds disposables are the real deal. Not only are they made with quality live resin and THCa, but they are also made with powerful strains that really pack a punch to your taste buds and mind.

I couldn't get enough of this pen because it met so many of my expectations. I highly recommend this live resin disposable to anyone that wants to try the pure effects of both THCa and sativa. But don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself!

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