Stoned Mushrooms Amanita Muscaria Watermelon Gummies Review

Company Overview

Stoned Mushrooms is an esteemed company that specializes in producing and distributing exceptional amanita mushrooms. With an unwavering belief in the miraculous healing attributes of mushrooms, the company is dedicated to introducing these potent superfoods to a broader audience. Established by a team of devoted mycologists and wellness advocates, Stoned Mushrooms aspires to lead the mushroom industry by providing an extensive array of delectable choices that cater to the unique needs and preferences of their valued customers.

What distinguishes Stoned Mushrooms from other companies is their unwavering commitment to sourcing only the most exceptional amanita mushrooms. Each selection is meticulously handpicked and rigorously tested to ensure uncompromising purity and potency, setting Stoned Mushrooms' products apart from the rest. Above all, Stoned Mushrooms aims to spread enlightenment about the extraordinary healing properties of amanita mushrooms and make these nourishing and delightful options accessible to all. Join us on our journey towards a more invigorated and balanced life with the exquisite offerings of Stoned Mushrooms.

Today I will be reviewing their 10,000mg amanita muscaria gummies, Watermelon. If you want to try these for yourself, use theĀ Stoned Mushrooms Coupon Code, SLYNG30 for 30% off your next order!

Amanita Muscaria 10,000mg Gummies 10 ct - Watermelon

stoned mushrooms watermelon gummies front and back of package

Having tried their Cherry Bomb Amanita muscaria gummies before, I knew I was in for a wild ride with these gummies. Each gummy is packed with 800mg of amanita muscaria and 200mg of Hemp Extract and these delicious treats promise a unique, chilled-out, and vibrant experience that will leave you wanting more.

From the moment I opened the package, I was greeted with a sweet and tantalizing watermelon aroma that made my mouth water in anticipation. The watermelon flavor itself was extraordinary, as it burst into my mouth with each bite. The taste experience alone was worth the journey!

Watermelon Amanita Muscaria Gummies Effects

I was pleasantly surprised that it only took one gummy to begin experiencing the effects. It started with a subtle buzz that gradually transformed into a vibrant and colorful mind-altering encounter. What I particularly appreciated about these gummies was that the intensity of the trip was not overwhelming. Instead, it enhanced my life for those few hours, leaving me feeling enriched and introspective.

The effects of these gummies lasted for a few hours, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the stimulating experience without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. This extended duration provided ample time to appreciate the journey and explore the depths of my mind, all while feeling a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

One notable aspect of these gummies is the inclusion of 200mg of Hemp Extract. While the amanita muscaria provides the psychoactive effects, the hemp extract offers a smooth and balanced high that beautifully complements the amanita experience. This combination ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable trip, allowing users to fully embrace the unique effects without becoming overwhelmed.

Stoned Mushrooms Amanita Muscaria Watermelon Gummies Review: Unlocking a Colorful Journey - Conclusion

To top it all off, the Stoned Mushrooms Amanita Muscaria Watermelon Gummies offer a one-of-a-kind mind-altering experience that is both delightful and introspective. With each pack containing 10 gummies, each packed with 800mg of amanita muscaria and 200mg of Hemp Extract, you are guaranteed a total package of 10,000mg.

From the explosive watermelon flavor that dances on your taste buds to the gradual yet impactful mind-expanding effects that enhance your perception of the world, these gummies truly deliver an experience unlike any other. The effects are not only awe-inspiring but also subtly long-lasting, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the journey without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Furthermore, the inclusion of hemp extract adds an extra layer of smoothness to the high, creating a balanced and enjoyable experience. This thoughtful combination of ingredients showcases the attention to detail that Stoned Mushrooms has put into formulating these gummies.

Overall, my experience with the Stoned Mushrooms Amanita Muscaria Watermelon Gummies was exceptional. The watermelon flavor alone is worth trying these gummies, and the vibrant journey they offer is an added bonus. Whether you're a seasoned tripper or new to the psychedelic experience, these gummies provide a unique and accessible way to explore your mind.But don't take our word for it, go ahead and try it yourself, but remember to enjoy responsibly!