Psilomart Magic Mushrooms & Amanita Chocolates Review

Company Overview

Psilomart also known as Amanita Mushrooms is an online store dedicated to providing customers with quality mushrooms and mushroom-related products worldwide. Their mission is to provide their customers with a safe and secure shopping experience while promoting a better way of life through medicinal mushrooms. At Psilomart, they believe in Foraging A Better Way of Life, One Fungi at a Time! They are committed to providing customers with superior-quality mushrooms and mushroom-related lab-tested products to ensure they do not contain Psilocybin.

Psilomart offers mushrooms and mushroom-related products, including dried mushrooms, extracts, tinctures, capsules, elixirs, and teas. Their products are sourced from reliable suppliers and of the highest quality.

Today I will be trying their Magic Mushrooms and Amanita Chocolates.

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Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms or shrooms are very different from marijuana, it's a lot more potent, and it affects different parts of your mind. Having reviewed hundreds of cannabis or cannabinoid-related products, I know my way around most products, but for this, I knew I was in for a bit of a challenge. I also knew I had to play the long game since most mushroom products take some time to take effect.

Having reviewed Psilomart before I knew I was getting a quality product that not only worked but tasted good, at least better than most shrooms I've tried. The first thing I decided to try was the magic mushrooms. Having tried psychedelics before, I knew I was in for a ride, so I made plans to free my night to really enjoy the mushrooms responsibly.

Since I wanted to feel the effects quickly, I started with 1 gram. It's important to note that Amanita Mushrooms don't naturally contain the psychedelic properties like Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms. By consuming them, I wanted to experience the effects of a head high with a relaxed euphoric body high.

It took about an hour for the Amanita Mushrooms to kick in and the effects started in waves. The first thing I noticed was a head high that felt great. It wasn't overwhelming but instead relaxing and enjoyable. After some time passed, the effects started moving down my body and that's when it turned into a body high. The combination of both the head and body high made me feel extremely good and relaxed with an overall euphoric feeling.

Overall, the experience was great with taking Amanita Mushrooms. I love how I didn't have to wait too long before feeling the effects and how it started with a head high that eventually became a body high. I would highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a relaxing yet euphoric experience.

Amanita Chocolates

The next thing I decided to try was the Amanita Chocolate. The chocolate itself was delicious, with a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture and a great balance of sweet and savory flavors. Plus, there was no strange aftertaste like you sometimes get with some types of edibles.

It took about an hour to kick in, but when it did, it was worth it. The effects were incredibly strong, but extremely pleasant. I felt a wonderful euphoria throughout my body which lasted for hours. I felt in control, but incredibly relaxed and with a genuine feeling of content. I was ready to tackle anything that came my way.

Unlike other mushroom products, Amanita Chocolates weren't psychedelic, but more of an intense marijuana-like high. I felt like I was in control of myself and well-equipped to handle any situation. Plus, the effects last for hours, making it a great choice for those looking for a long-lasting high.

Overall, I was really pleased with my experience with Amanita Chocolates. Not only did it taste great, but it also provided a great sensation that I could feel for hours. I would definitely recommend trying this product to anyone looking to have a unique and exhilarating experience.

Psilo Mart Magic Mushrooms & Amanita Chocolates Review

My experience with Psilomarts mushroom products was both eye opening and enjoyable. I had a great time being able to explore their variety of products and experimenting with each one. Every shroom I tried was a unique experience with subtle differences in flavor, texture and effects. It felt like I was being taken on a journey.

As someone who doesn't necessarily like to be overwhelmed, I found that Psilomarts provided the perfect balance between a thrilling and controlled shroom experience. Their mushroom products are ideal for any curious beginner looking to take the plunge, but hesitant to go “all in” on other offerings. After my time with Psilomarts, I have to say that I'm satisfied, having tasted and felt a little bit of what the shroom world has to offer.

With their wide variety of mushroom products, I am sure anyone can find a strain perfect for them and perfectly suited to their individual needs. As I have now experienced first hand, you really just have to give it a go and find out what works for you as an individual.