Ooze Signal Replacement Vapor Coil 2-Pack Review

Company Overview

Ooze is a company that is all about having fun with cannabis. Ooze believes the industry should be lighthearted, enjoyable, and not dull and corporate. Their products are designed to be colorful and bold, and we strive to keep their customers returning for more. The company began when they got tired of faulty batteries that kept dying or overheating in our pockets.

Ooze knew someone had to step up and change the vape industry, so they did. Ooze is dedicated to providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service. They work, so you’ll join us on their mission to make the world of cannabis a little brighter.

Today, I will be reviewing their Signal Replacement Coil 2-Pack.

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Signal Replacement Vapor Coil 2-Pack

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At first, I was a bit hesitant to buy replacement coils for my pen as it seemed like a minor thing and I didn't want to spend too much money on it. However, I am so glad I made this purchase as it has truly boosted the lifetime of my wax pen and saved me a lot of money in the long run.

The Signal wax pen has a high-capacity atomizer bucket that can hold a significant amount of extract. In the long run, you may need to replace the atomizer coil. Therefore, purchasing a 2-pack of coils is recommended to maintain the device's performance and ensure a flavorful dabbing experience.

The vapor coil tips are those little chrome pieces under the mouthpiece cap of your Signal. They screw into the battery base and have two rubber seal rings and memorable holes that help with airflow. Don't stress about matching the color of your coil to your pen, and all the Signals have the same chrome coil tips.

Aside from the quality, I also appreciate the fact that these replacement coils are a much cheaper option compared to buying a whole new pen. It may seem like a small expense at first, but constantly replacing your entire pen can add up over time. With Ooze's Signal Replacement Vapor Coil 2-Pack, you can save a significant amount of money in the long run without compromising on the quality of your vaping experience.

The quality of these vapor coils is exceptional, and it is evident that Ooze has put a lot of effort into making sure they are durable and long-lasting. I have been using these coils for a few weeks now, and they are still performing just as well as they did on day one.

In addition to extending the lifetime of my wax pen, these vapor coils also provide smooth and flavorful hits. I have noticed a significant difference in the taste and quality of my hits since using these coils. It truly enhances my overall vaping experience.

This is a huge plus for me as I have had to replace my wax pen due to poor-quality coils that burned out quickly. Replacing the coil is a piece of cake. Just remove the mouthpiece cap, twist the old coil, toss it, and pop in a new one. Load up your dab, put the cap back on, and you're ready to get back to dabbing!

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Ooze Signal Replacement Vapor Coil 2-Pack Review - Conclusion

Overall, I highly recommend Ooze's Signal Replacement Vapor Coil 2-Pack to anyone with a wax pen. It may seem like a minor thing, but these replacement coils make a huge difference in the lifetime and performance of your pen. The quality, cost-effectiveness, and convenience of these coils make them a must-have for any wax pen user. Don't hesitate to invest in these coils, you won't regret it.