Ocho Extracts Delta 8 Zkittlez Disposable Review

Company Overview

Cannabinoids are all the rage these days, and Orange County-based Ocho Extracts is leading the charge with its innovative products and potent extracts. Founded in 2018, Ocho Extracts is quickly making a name in the hemp-based cannabinoid industry.

Ocho Extracts takes great pride in its high-quality products, which are available in edibles, vape cartridges, and disposables. Inside Ocho Extracts’ products are natural cannabis-derived terpenes that provide a true-to-plant experience and a true-to-strain one. The result is an array of the most flavorful extracts you can’t find elsewhere.

So, if you’re looking for a cannabinoid brand that knows how to have a little fun, check out Ocho Extracts. You won’t be disappointed.

Today, I will review their Full Gram Delta 8 Disposable, Zkittlez.

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Full Gram Delta 8 Disposable - Zkittlez

Ocho Extracts Delta 8 Disposable - Zkittlez

What sets Ocho Extracts apart from other cannabis brands is their commitment to using natural cannabis-derived terpenes in all of their products. While many other brands may use synthetic terpenes, Ocho Extracts ensures a true-to-plant experience by only using terpenes extracted from the cannabis plant. This means that their extracts provide not only a genuine cannabis flavor but also a true-to-strain experience.

Their dedication to using real cannabis-derived terpenes results in a range of extracts unmatched in flavor and authenticity, setting them apart from the competition. This is one of the many reasons I'm excited to try their full-gram Delta 8 disposable.

Zkittlez is a potent indica known for its candy-like aroma and taste, which match its colorful profile. Zkittlez is the perfect Delta 8 strain for relaxing and unwinding after a long day, which is exactly when I decided to try the strain.

Now, for those new to Delta 8, you should know this cannabinoid is unlike most. Delta 8 is known for being a mellow cannabinoid, less potent and psychoactive than THC. It's an ideal start for those who are new to cannabis or those who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without getting "high."

The pen is sleek and long, perfect for sticking in your pocket or carrying around discreetly. It's a pull pen, meaning it has no buttons. Pull it with your mouth and inhale the Delta 8. It is also made with quality materials, making it durable for clumsy smokers.

I took a big puff and immediately tasted the sweet Zkittlez taste, and it only took about three puffs to feel the delta 8. I started off with a mild head high that slowly became an intense body high that relaxed my entire body and made me feel like I was floating on a cloud or something. It was truly a great experience, although it didn't last very long.

It was a significant high and a good way to unwind, almost like having a glass of wine to relax after a stressful day. The full gram also lasted me about a week, which is an excellent lifetime for a disposable. I truly can't say a bad thing about this little Delta 8 disposable.

Ocho Extracts Delta 8 Zkittlez Disposable Review - Conclusion

Ocho Extracts Delta 8 Disposable - Zkittlez 2

My experience with the Ocho Extracts Zkittlez Delta 8 disposable was incredible. Combining an indica strain with the added benefits of Delta 8 proved to be a winning combination.

When I inhaled, I was greeted with delicious sweet berries and tropical fruit flavors. The smoothness of the vapor made for a pleasant experience, and the effects were undeniable. I felt an immediate sense of relaxation and calm wash over me as the indica properties of the Zkittlez strain kicked in.

What I loved most about this disposable was the perfect balance between relaxation and mental clarity. While I experienced a deep sense of relaxation in my body, my mind remained clear and focused. This made it ideal for unwinding after a long day while still engaging in activities like reading or watching a movie without feeling too sedated.

The effects of the Delta 8 were also prominent, offering a subtle yet noticeable uplift in mood and mental well-being. It provided a gentle euphoria that enhanced my overall experience and left me feeling uplifted and content.