Ocho Extracts Alter Ego Blend 3.5 Gram Disposable Review

Company Overview

Cannabinoids are all the rage these days, and Orange County-based Ocho Extracts is leading the charge with its innovative products and potent extracts. Founded in 2018, Ocho Extracts is quickly making a name in the hemp-based cannabinoid industry.

Ocho Extracts takes great pride in its high-quality products, available in edibles, vape cartridges, and disposables. Inside Ocho Extracts’ products are natural cannabis-derived terpenes that provide a true-to-plant experience and a true-to-strain one. The result is an array of the most flavorful extracts you can’t find elsewhere.

So, if you’re looking for a cannabinoid brand that knows how to have a little fun, check out Ocho Extracts. You won’t be disappointed.

Today, I will review their Alter Ego Blend Disposable, Durban Poinson.

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Alter Ego Blend 3.5 Gram Disposable - Durban Poison

Having tried other Ocho Extracts disposables in the past, I was not the least bit weary about trying this excellent Alter Ego blend.

Ocho Extracts' Alter Ego Blend Durban Poison strain came in a sleek, ergonomic body with a single button for easy use whenever I needed a pull. It was not only convenient but also aesthetically pleasing.

Let's talk about the strain itself - Durban Poison. This pure sativa has become a global sensation for its sweet, earthy, yet piney aroma, creating a melody for your senses. The aroma alone had me hooked, but the effects truly impressed me. Paired with the effects of the combined Delta-8, 11-Hydroxy-THC, and THCA that make up the Alter Ego Blend, this strain was like an energetic beat, giving me a ticket to an uplifting adventure.

I was initially skeptical about the effects of the Alter Ego Blend. How could combining different forms of THC and THCA create such a unique and powerful high? But I was pleasantly surprised. Just two puffs, and I could already feel the effects kicking in. Not only was it flavorful, but it was also potent. The rich and milky clouds gave me a satisfying and smooth inhale.

As for the effects, they were nothing short of amazing. After taking just a handful of puffs, I felt euphoric and giddy for about an hour. It was the perfect strain for a busy day, allowing me to stay on track through the hectic schedule. But it was also an excellent strain for those days when I wanted to explore the outdoors like a true neon explorer. The energizing effects helped me stay active and motivated while providing a sense of focus and clarity.

One of the things I loved most about this disposable was how discreet it was. The sleek design and minimal odor made it easy to use in public without drawing too much attention. This was a great perk for me as I like to use cannabis for medicinal purposes but don't always want to advertise it.

Another great feature of the Alter Ego Blend disposable was how long-lasting it was. The effects lasted for a few hours, and I didn't feel the need to use it constantly. This is a massive plus as I prefer not to constantly worry about re-dosing.

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Ocho Extracts Alter Ego Blend 3.5 Gram Disposable Review - Conclusion

I highly recommend the Ocho Extracts' Alter Ego Blend disposable in the Durban Poison strain. From its sleek and convenient design to its potent and unique effects, it has exceeded my expectations. I appreciate Ocho Extracts' commitment to using high-quality ingredients to create a top-notch product that delivers a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

So, if you're looking for a top-of-the-line disposable that will take you on a journey of euphoria and creativity, look no further than Ocho Extracts' Alter Ego Blend in Durban Poison.