MOONWLKR CBD Gummies & Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review

Company Overview

MOONWLKR is an established Delta-8 company specializing in vape cartridges and gummy edibles in different strain-specific blends. Their products have cosmos-themed names that highlight exactly how far into outer space you’ll be sent.

This brand curates strains with award-winning plant terpenes. Of course, MOONWLKR’s lab results for all of their D8 products can be found on their website.

Today I will review their Delta 8 Vape Cart, Blue Moon, and Full Spectrum CBD gummies, Blue Dream Berry.

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Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

The first thing I decided to try in this review was the full-spectrum gummies. CBD is often seen as a relaxing cannabinoid with proven healing qualities that can help with aches, pains, anxiety, and migraines. I knew a great time to try these gummies was after a gym sesh or when I wanted to unwind from a long day.

Each package comes with 20 gummies, each with some CBD and THC. I decided to start with one to see how I felt. The blueberry flavor was present, and it was delicious. The gummies have 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC, so I expected a good body high.

The effects did take an hour to kick in, but once they did, it lasted the whole night. I felt mellow and relaxed, and I noticed a decrease in my aches and soreness. It was a much more pleasant experience than taking a pill with higher THC levels.

All in all, I must say I'm impressed with these full-spectrum CBD gummies. The taste is excellent, they provide a good body high, and they produce effects that last all night. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to experience CBD and THC treatment benefits without more potent side effects. They're my new go-to for pain relief and relaxation. Get the latest and updated Sly Fox CBD coupons, promos, and voucher codes.

Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

Next, I decided to try the Blue Moon Delta 8 Vape Cartridge. This cart is derived from the classic Blue Dream strain, a balanced hybrid strain that is sativa-leaning and known for its sweet blueberry candy-like taste. It provides an invigorating and cerebral head high, with tingles of creativity, and eases the body of stress and tension.

The cartridge is a 510 thread, making it compatible with any battery. Its potency varies, but it typically carries 1 mg of Delta-8 THC oil, which should last around one week for most users--or even a little bit longer, depending on how often the user hits it.

The flavor of the cartridge is strong and very pleasant. Sweet and fragrant, it pleases both on inhale and exhale. The highest potency and purity combined with the flavorful terpenes and strain-specific distillate create a surprisingly potent and enjoyable cartridge for the user, making it an excellent choice for experienced smokers. Overall, I'm very impressed with this product. The taste is excellent, the effects are potent, and the price is fair. This is an excellent cartridge if you want a smooth and enjoyable experience. Highly recommend!

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MOONWLKR CBD Gummies & Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review

In conclusion, Moonwlkrs CBD gummies and Delta 8 vape carts have consistently been my go-to products for an incredible high. The gummies provide a steady relaxation, and the vape carts offer a smooth high that is out of this world. With Moonwlkrs, I know I can always count on their products to hit and get a good high. They work so well together that I almost always take both simultaneously. There's no better combo to help me relax and have a great time.