Looper Limited Edition Diamond 2-Gram Disposable Review

Company Overview

Looper aims to ensure you get what you need to take your wellness experience to a new level – quality carts, disposables, edibles, or pre-rolls.

All their products are lab-tested and made in top-notch GMP-certified facilities for safety and peace of mind. Blast into elevated relaxation with our selection of Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, HHC, HHC-O, and THC-O products from Looper, based in sunny Southern California!

Today I will review their Limited Edition 2-Gram Disposables, Candy Chrome and Strawberry Cookies.

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Limited Edition Diamond 2-Gram Disposable - Candy Chrome


The first disposable I decided to try was Candy Chrome. Looper's limited edition 2-gram disposable Candy Chrome was an incredible experience. Candy Chrome is a dazzling hybrid strain that indulges your senses with its delightful blend of sweet and sugary flavors. Each inhale was like savoring a mouthful of my favorite childhood candies with a captivating twist of metallic undertones.

As I took my first hit, I was immediately filled with delicious greatness, and I couldn't wait to take another. It took about three hits for me to feel the euphoric and uplifting effects, leaving me with a sense of happiness and playfulness. Candy Chrome truly took me on an enchanting journey, allowing my imagination to run wild. It's safe to say this strain has become one of my favorites.

But it wasn't just the flavor that impressed me; the strain's effects were equally impressive. The euphoric and uplifting experience gave me a sense of happiness and playfulness, making it the perfect strain for unwinding after a long day. It only took three hits to feel the full effects; each hit was filled with delicious greatness.

I recommend trying Candy Chrome and venturing into its enchanting world where your imagination can run wild. It's an experience you won't want to miss.

Limited Edition Diamond 2-Gram Disposable - Strawberry Cookies

The next strain I decided to try was the Strawberry Cookies. From the first inhale, I was transported to a world of indulgence with its delectable combination of ripe strawberries and freshly baked cookies. The sweet and fruity flavors lingered on my taste buds, creating a mouth-watering experience with each hit. But it wasn't just the taste that captured my attention, the strain's effects induced a calm and euphoric state, allowing me to unwind both mentally and physically.

This strain’s effects induce a relaxed and euphoric state, allowing you to unwind both mind and body. Let Strawberry Cookies be your delightful treat, providing a perfect balance of flavor and relaxation. talk about how the sweet taste of strawberries and the lucid effects made this one of my favorites.

It was the perfect balance of flavor and relaxation, making Strawberry Cookies a definite favorite in my book. Overall, Looper's limited edition 2 gram disposable, Strawberry Cookies, left a lasting impression with its sweet taste and lucid effects, and I can't wait to try it again.

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Looper Limited Edition Diamond 2-Gram Disposable Review - Conclusion

Looper's Limited edition 2 gram live badder disposables have truly exceeded my expectations. The variety of strains offered, combined with the added infusion of HHC and THC-P, have created a unique and exceptional product.

Not only did each strain provide its own distinct and enjoyable experience, but the addition of HHC and THC-P added a new depth to the overall effects. I highly recommend trying Looper's Limited edition 2 gram live badder disposables for a premium and elevated cannabis experience. Seriously, one of the best experiences I've had with disposables.