Grove Bags TerpLoc® Pouch Bags Review

Company Overview

Grove Bags is the name in packaging that you can trust! Whether professional-grade flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and extractions, they have you covered with the ever-popular TerpLoc® product line. Intelligent, savvy, and explicitly designed for cannabis growers and retailers, TerpLoc® ensures that your buds and extracts are in excellent condition each time they reach their end user. They commit to providing top-quality packaging without breaking the bank.

Grove Bags wants everyone to know that exceptional storage at an unbeatable price is not an oxymoron; it's a reality.

Today I will be reviewing their TerpLoc®Pouch Bags.

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TerpLoc® Pouch Bags

Now I know what you're probably thinking, who cares about where you store your weed? Most of the time, it comes in containers or baggies anyways. Wrong. As someone who values good cannabis and buys it in bulk, keeping the bud fresh is a priority, and the packaging makes a difference.

I was surprisingly excited to review these TerpLoc® Pouch Bags. Usually, when I do reviews, I try the product, and I can have a feel for it in about a day, but with these, I needed a couple of weeks to see how they worked and if they were worth the hype. And this is what I noticed.

As I mentioned before, I buy my weed in bulk, usually in ounces, so I need a lot of storage for my bud, and sometimes I buy more than one strain, so it's essential to keep them separated. The first thing I love about these bags is their design. I love the graphics, vivid colors and designs throughout the bags, and aesthetic.

The second thing I noticed with these bags is the quality. These Grove Bags are made with durable plastic and are easy to open and close, which doesn't compromise their ability to keep the bud fresh. The Grove Bags come in different sizes, but these particular ones are pretty small so I used about 5 to store all my bud.

grove bags

I stored my bud, and every time I smoked, I took note of the quality of the bud versus when I would leave it in the canister it came in. Another thing I noticed was how discreet they could be. The only time I would get a smell of the bud was when I opened the bag; otherwise, it was smell-proof, and I didn't have my bud stinking up my room like usual.

After a couple of weeks, when I was running out of bud, I examined the quality of the weed, and I was amazed by how fresh it still was despite being a few weeks old. It was still sticky, and the color was vibrant. Who would've thought the right packaging could make my bud last longer?

Now I don't have to worry about smoking it by a specific time; with this, I can take my time and trust it will last as long as I need it to.

Grove Bags TerpLoc® Pouch Bags Review - Conclusion

I never thought I’d write a review for a weed storage bag, but here I am. Grove Bags has changed the game for me. I now have a reliable place to store all my weed; it doesn’t smell like my entire apartment is one big bong hit.

If you’re in the market for a new weed storage solution, I highly recommend giving Grove Bags a try. Plus, use code Slyng7 for 7% off your next order. They've got their act together over there. Please don't wait to act now; you won't regret it.