Geek'D Live Resin 2 in 1 Disposable Review

Company Overview

GEEK'D Extracts is a company founded by seasoned industry experts with 40 years of combined experience. With a commitment to providing full transparency, GEEK'D carefully sources all materials and thoroughly batch-tests every product with DEA-registered labs.

At the cutting edge of product innovation, the company prioritizes customers over all else. GEEK'D Extracts creates high-quality products backed by scientific knowledge and sought-after originality.

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Rntz OG Sauce // Green Crack


The 2 1 disposable pens from cannabidiol oil are the perfect solution for those who want to experience the unique effects of both Indica and Sativa strains and the potent terpene blend. The device has an innovative switch that allows users to switch between themes, one Indica and one Sativa, giving them the best of both worlds.

The disposable devices contain 2500mg of cannabinoid distillate, a much higher concentration than other disposable vape pens, delivering an intense and enjoyable vaping experience. The rechargeable device makes it super convenient to use. Plug it in with its USB-C cable, and you are ready. These pens offer users a powerful and convenient option to experience a dual effect with each disposable pen.

Each strain is infused with Delta 8, PHC, and THC-JD. These cannabinoids are all relaxing and mellow cannabinoids with all the great benefits of marijuana without the bad side effects. RNTZ OG Sauce and Green Crack are very well-known strains, and I was excited to have the option of trying either one with one pen.

I started with the RUNTZ OG Sauce, and I was amazed by the flavor and potency. It only took two hits to feel the strain, an excellent serene high that had me feeling good for a while. I had to move the switch on the top and inhale to switch to the other side.

The Green Crack was the following strain. Like the last strain, the taste and potency were felt immediately, and I thought it with just a few puffs. The strain threw me aback, and I felt relaxed and a bit euphoric. Overall, I could taste and feel the strains without anything compromising it.

King Louis Gas // Ghost Train Haze

The next disposable I tried was the King Louis Gas/Ghost Train Haze. Like the last disposable, these are infused with Delta 8, PHC, and THC-JD. The King Louis Gas strain offers a wonderfully piney smell with an earthy musk that makes you think of a nostalgic forest adventure. This strain's relaxing effects and tasty flavor are unparalleled, creating a feeling of being calm and free.

The other strain, Ghost Train Haze, packs a heavy punch with sour citrus and floral aroma and a potent dose of THC that may leave experienced consumers feeling delightfully content. All of these features make for a two-in-one disposable vape that is sure to leave users pleasantly satisfied.

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Geek'D Live Resin 2 in 1 Disposable Review - Conclusion

My review of Geek'd 2 in 1 Disposable was a great experience. I enjoyed the convenience of having a 2 in 1 Disposable instead of needing an array of separate individual disposables. Both flavors were great, and I enjoyed how it tasted and felt afterward.

The technology behind the Geek'd 2 1 disposables is revolutionary, and the company should be proud of it. Combining two disposables while still getting the desired effects is something special. It was a great experience being able to connect with them without ever worrying about overdoing it.

Overall, I enjoyed my review of GEEk'D's 2 1 disposables. I found both flavors pleasing and felt great afterward. The convenience of a wrongproof and foolproof 2 in 1 Vaporizer is one of the best advantages of Geek'd 2 in 1 disposables. If you're looking for a reliable and convenient way to enjoy your vaping experience, I highly recommend Geek'd 2-in-1 Disposables.