Exodus THC-A Flower & CB9A Disposable Review: Relaxation & Tropical Delights

Company Overview

Exodus is known for its premium products designed to enhance relaxation and promote well-being through the synergistic effects of cannabinoids and mushrooms. Backed by meticulous research and development, their offerings are reliable and efficient. Exodus' diverse selection caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone, from tinctures to topicals. Additionally, their commitment to using organic and sustainable ingredients underscores their dedication to providing the best for consumers and the planet.

In this review, I'll explore two of Exodus' standout cannabis products: their 8-gram CB9A + THC-A disposable, Golden Pineapple (Sativa), and Gorilla Glue THC-A flower (Hybrid)

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8 Gram THC-A Flower - Gorilla Glue (Hybrid)


Having reviewed Exodus' products in the past, I knew I would have a great experience, so I planned accordingly. I made sure all of my tasks were done for the day, freeing up my evening to experience the power of these THC-A products. I decided to start with the Gorilla Glue THC-A flower.

Exodus' 8-gram THC-A flower strain, Gorilla Glue, is a true standout in the world of cannabis. This hybrid strain boasts flavors with unmistakable hints of pine and other earthy undertones that tantalize the senses from opening the bag. When the aroma hit my nose, my mouth was practically watering in anticipation. Even putting the flower in my hand for the first time, I could tell the quality of the flower was undeniable—the nugs were dense, well-formed, and exuded a healthy vibrancy that spoke to its potency.

Packing some into a bowl and lighting up, I was immediately struck by how slowly the flower burned and how smooth and flavorful the smoke was. With each inhale, I could feel the effects creeping in, delivering a mellow yet powerful high that left me feeling relaxed and slightly euphoric.

I felt anxiety relief, overall body relief, and a burst of creativity that inspired me to watch my favorite TV shows from a new perspective. Gorilla Glue is undoubtedly a perfect strain for unwinding at home, allowing you to sink into blissful tranquility while enjoying its rich and satisfying flavor profile.

So far, my review of these products has been off to a great start.

8 Gram CB9A + THC-A Disposable - Golden Pineapple (Sativa)


Exodus' 8-gram THC-A disposable, Golden Pineapple, is a game-changer in the world of cannabis disposables. With a hefty 8 grams packed into each disposable, I was eager to dive into this product's whole experience. Featuring a battery-powered design with variable voltages and an oil volume system, the 8G Disposables offer a host of convenient features, including a smart LED screen, pre-heat function, and USB-C charging.

Golden Pineapple's delightful flavor profile and potent effects genuinely set it apart. Bursting with sweet, juicy pineapple vibes, this sativa strain transports you to a tropical paradise with every puff. From the first hit, it was clear that this pen was something special—the flavor was intensely satisfying, and just three hits were all it took to feel the full force of the THC-A. The combination of the delectable taste and uplifting effects made Golden Pineapple one of my most memorable experiences with a disposable yet, and that's saying something.

Exodus 8 Gram THC-A Flower & CB9A + THC-A Disposable Review - Conclusion

Exodus delivers top-tier cannabis products designed for relaxation and well-being. With meticulous research and a commitment to using organic ingredients, their offerings cater to diverse preferences. From the potent effects of Gorilla Glue THC-A flower to the delightful flavor and convenience of Golden Pineapple disposable, Exodus exceeds expectations. Don't miss out on their special offer using the code "SLYNG20" for a 20% discount. Elevate your cannabis experience with Exodus today!

Disclaimer: It's important to remember that individual experiences with cannabis products may vary, and consumption should always be done responsibly. Before trying any new product, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.