Eighty Six OMG Series Live Rosin Blend Disposables Review

Company Overview

Eighty-Six Brand is a rising star in the cannabis industry focused on showcasing the rising star cannabinoids: Delta 8 THC. They offer a wide range of D8 products from hemp-derived D8 distillate. All the distillate used is pure, uncut, solvent-free, and lab-tested.

They have everything from edibles in different forms to vape cartridges and even disposable vapes. As is the industry standard, Eightysix lets anyone review lab test reports.

Today, I will review their OMG Series Live Rosin Blend Disposable, Cooks & Castles, Mango Mobbin, and Blue Magic. Use code “SLYNG15” for an incredible 15% OFF your entire order from Eighty Six!

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OMG Series Live Rosin Blend Disposable - Cooks & Castles

I've been loyal to Eighty Six brand for over a year and have tried almost every product they offer. But their OMG series live rosin disposables have genuinely left me mind-blown every single time.

First of all, let's talk about the quality of these disposables. The sleek packaging and design already set it apart from other disposable pens. But what sets it apart even more is that it is infused with two grams of live rosin extract without any GMOs, pesticides, or heavy metals. As someone who cares about the purity and safety of my cannabis products, this is a massive plus for me. I am always assured that I inhale nothing but the best and cleanest form of cannabis when using these disposables.

One of the things I love most about Eighty Six brand is their commitment to transparency. They believe in being open and honest about their production process and the ingredients used in their products. This is why all of their products, including the OMG series live rosin disposables, are third-party lab-tested for purity and potency. This gives me peace of mind and reflects the brand's dedication to providing its customers with top-notch products.

Now, let's talk about potency. These disposables are no joke when it comes to strength. Every time I have used them, I have been hit with an intense high that lasts for hours. The live rosin extract gives it a smooth and flavorful taste without harshness or artificial flavors. How such a small pen can pack such a powerful punch is incredible.

Another thing I appreciate about these disposables is their convenience. They are perfect for on-the-go use and discreet enough to use in public. I have taken them with me on hikes, concerts, and even family gatherings and have never had any issues with the smell or leakage.

Now, on to the review. The Live Rosin blend, which includes Delta-8 THC, HHC, THC-P, CBN, and Live Rosin, is a potent mix that truly captures the essence of both strains. Adding Live Rosin, derived from the popular Grease Monkey strain, takes this vape to the next level and adds a kooky twist I love.

One thing that stood out to me about this vape was its perfect balance between calming effects and euphoric waves. With just two puffs, I could feel my stress melting away and could relax and unwind after a long day. The sweet and euphoric flavors of the Cookies and cream were complemented perfectly by the calming effects of the Gorilla Glue #4, creating a super-chill and extra-tasty hybrid vape.

But the taste wasn't the only impressive aspect of this disposable. The vapor production was smooth and consistent, and the draw was easy and comfortable. I also appreciated the discreet and convenient design of the pen, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

OMG Series Live Rosin Blend Disposable - Mango Mobbin

The next disposable I tried was the Mango Mobbin Disposable. The first thing I noticed upon trying this disposable was the incredible taste explosion of mango and orange. It was like a tropical vacation in a puff. The flavors were intense and natural, like biting into a juicy mango. It truly awakened my senses and made the experience even more enjoyable.

But what sets this disposable apart is the combination of cannabinoids used in the Mango Mobbin flavor. It features the energizing Green Crack strain, known for its potent sativa effects. And with the addition of Delta-8 THC, HHC, THC-P, and CBN, this is known as a "blackout" blend. The sheer number of cannabinoids provides an intense high that will surely knock you off your feet.

I have tried Green Crack before, but this was a new experience. The live rosin extraction method used by Eighty Six brought out the unique effects of this strain. I felt all my thoughts and daydreams join together in perfect harmony while relaxing in a hammock and singing along to my favorite tunes. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

And like their other disposable, I immediately felt the potency of Mango Mobbin. It was a euphoric and energizing high that lasted for about an hour. It was the perfect pick-me-up for a busy day or a night out with friends—one of my favorites in the OMG Series.

OMG Series Live Rosin Blend Disposable - Blue Magic

omg series live rosin blend

Now, on to the last disposable. Upon taking my first puff, I was amazed by the smoothness and richness of the flavor. The blend of blueberry, cheese, and live rosin was mouthwatering and had me wanting more after every hit.

What I loved most about the Mango Mobbin flavor is that it is derived from the Blue Cheese indica strain. As someone who enjoys indica songs, I found that this disposable vape gave me the perfect relaxation and relief without any drowsiness. It's the perfect balance of calming and uplifting effects.

One thing that stood out about the Eighty Six brand's OMG series is that they use fresh, full-profile hemp in their products. This makes for a genuinely great experience you won't find in many other disposable vapes. The quality of their ingredients shines through in the flavor and potency of their Mango Mobbin disposable.

In terms of longevity, I found that the effects of this disposable lasted for about an hour. This is pretty typical for most disposable vapes, but what sets the OMG series apart is the intensity of the effects. I felt like I got my money's worth with this disposable.

I highly recommend the Eighty Six brand's OMG series Live Rosin Disposable in the Mango Mobbin flavor. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also delivers a truly unique and potent experience. This disposable vape covers you whether you want to relax or get a creative boost. I can't wait to try out the other flavors in this series and see what different delicious and potent blends Eighty Six has to offer.

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Eighty Six Brand OMG Series Live Rosin Blend Disposables Review - Conclusion

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Eighty-Six brand's OMG series live rosin disposables enough. They have consistently exceeded my expectations and become my go-to disposable pen choice. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or a beginner, these disposables are worth trying. I promise you won't be disappointed.