Eighty-Six Live Rosin Blend OMG Series Disposables Review

Company Overview

Eighty-Six is a rising star in the cannabis industry focused on showcasing the rising star cannabinoids: Delta 8 THC. They offer a wide range of D8 products made from hemp-derived D8 distillate. All the distillate used is pure, uncut, solvent-free, and lab-tested.

They have everything from edibles in different forms to vape cartridges and even disposable vapes. As is the industry standard, Eightysix lets anyone review lab test reports.

Today, I will try their Live Rosin OMG Series Disposables, Durban Poison & Granddaddy Purple.

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Live Rosin Blend OMG Series Disposable - Durban Poison

Eighty-Six has long taken pride in its blends and their ability to infuse with top cannabinoids. Their OMG Series is no different, combining CBN, Delta 8, THC-P, and HHC, along with the live rosin, to ensure you are getting a quality hit with every pull.

Eighty-Six Brand's Live rosin disposables are a game changer in the cannabis world. Each disposable is packed with a powerful blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids, including Delta-8 THC, HHC, THC-P, CBN, and Live Rosin. These disposables feature a sativa strain, Durban Poison, which delivers a smooth and fast-acting high that is sure to impress even the most experienced cannabis consumers. Not only are the effects potent, but the flavor is also out of this world.

Each hit is reminiscent of the delicious taste of strawberry red vines, making it a delightful experience. From the first hit, I could feel the effects kick in, and it only took one hit to feel the full impact. The combination of flavor and potency is awe-inspiring and left me feeling euphoric and giddy for almost an hour after hitting the pen a few times. Eighty-Six Brand's Live rosin disposables are a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

A combination of potency and taste like no other disposable I've ever tried. The design is also great for carrying around all day and taking it anywhere.

Live Rosin Blend OMG Series Disposable - Granddaddy Purple

The next thing I decided to try was the Grandaddy Purple disposable vape. This disposable vape is the perfect solution for those seeking an elevated experience with the legendary Granddaddy Purple strain. Crafted with a blend of Delta-8 THC, THC-P, HHC, and CBN, it offers a unique and potent high that not only relaxes the body but also triggers intense munchies for the ultimate chill session. With its expertly crafted mixture, this disposable is designed to reduce the volume of your day-to-day stress and turn up the relaxation.

No matter how experienced you are, adding live rosin to this vape will surely take you on a short trip to the couch, leaving you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to your blah days and hello to a blissful experience with Grandaddy Purple's Live rosin disposable. Truly one of the best experiences I've had with any disposable.

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Eighty-Six Live Rosin Blend OMG Series Disposables Review - Conclusion

Eighty Six Brand's Live Rosin Blend disposables have been my true game changer. From the potency to the product's taste, I could tell these were made with the customer in mind. So, if you're in the market for a quality disposable to get you through the day, there is nothing better than this OMG Series Live Rosin Blend disposables.

So what are you waiting for? Go try these live rosin blend disposables today and experience the amazing effects of these quality disposables.