Eighty-Six Brand Cloud 9 Series 2 Gram Disposables Review

Company Overview

Eighty-Six Brand is a rising star in the cannabis industry focused on showcasing the rising star cannabinoids: Delta 8 THC. They offer a wide range of D8 products from hemp-derived D8 distillate. All the distillate used is pure, uncut, solvent-free, and lab-tested.

They have everything from edibles in different forms to vape cartridges and even disposable vapes. As is the industry standard, Eightysix lets anyone review lab test reports.

Today, I will review their Delta 9 Cloud 9 Disposables, Jelly Jam & Pinkberry Slush. Use code “SLYNG15” for an incredible 15% OFF your entire order from Eighty Six!

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Cloud 9 Series 2 Gram Disposable - Jelly Jam

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The Eighty-Six Brand's Cloud 9 Jelly Jam Disposable is an Indica-dominant disposable with some cool and tasty terpenes. I've tried Eighty-Six Brand pens in the past so I know the quality is great, I'm really excited to try these new Cloud 9 Delta 9 disposables.

Each inhale is like a spoonful of homemade raspberry jam - delicious, tangy, and the highlight of my day. This disposable device combines the sweet Raspberry Smash and the earthy White Rhino strains for an enjoyable vaping experience. Plus, it has the best-in-class rechargeable vape technology with the discretion and long-lasting power I need.

I'm not an enormous vaping enthusiast, so I was a little concerned about the overpowering effects, but it only took two puffs for me to feel the effects. The blissful and calming sensation was almost indescribable; I just felt great. I'm so glad I got to try and recommend this resting disposable device to anyone looking for an enjoyable and reliable vaping experience.

Cloud 9 Series 2 Gram Disposable - Pinkberry Slush

The next thing I decided to try was the Pinkberry Slush. This Cloud 9 disposable is a sativa-dominant pen with infused two great strains. The Pinkberry Slush disposable and I have to say it was an absolute pleasure! The vape was smooth and light, perfect for those looking for a light-bodied high without overpowering smoke or a throat hit.

The sensation of the slush when I inhaled it was like I was floating on cloud 9. It left me feeling light, refreshed, and satisfied. I could enjoy the flavor without it being too overwhelming, and it was a pleasant and unique experience I hadn't had before. Overall, Eighty-Six Brand has done a fantastic job in creating the Cloud 9 Pinkberry Slush disposable.

The flavor is uniquely sublime, and I found that it was a great device to help me cool down while I was outdoors. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an enjoyable and refreshing slushy experience.

The tangy sweetness of the pink lemonade slushie was a pleasant surprise. The generous two grams of Delta-9 THC provides an excellent high without the intense burn and harshness of some other Delta-9 vapes. I highly recommend the Cloud 9 Pinkberry Slush to anyone looking for a light, refreshing vape. Keep going, Eighty-Six Brand!

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Eighty-Six Brand Cloud 9 Series 2 Gram Disposables Review - Conclusion

Overall, I loved the experience of using both of these Eighty-Six Brands disposable pens. Not only were they easy to use and provide great results, but they had unique flavors and smells. The delta-9 THC was also a bonus that I enjoyed.

After trying both disposables, I can confidently say that I love both pens and couldn't choose between them. I highly recommend these pens to anyone looking for a great, high-quality disposable pen.

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