Delta Extrax Goliath 2 Gram Pods Duo Review

Company Overview

Located in the heart of the counterculture movement, Delta Extrax is a company that stands for innovation, quality, and sustainability. They are a leading supplier of counterculture products and solutions to an ever-growing global market.

Delta Extrax takes immense pride in providing its customers with top-quality, safer, healthier alternative products. Their mission is to become the leading brand in the world for legal, secure, and affordable alternatives to traditional products. With a team of experts and researchers, Delta Extrax is constantly pushing the boundaries of product development to cater to the changing needs and demands of the market. They are committed to providing products that meet and exceed their customers' expectations.

Their products include smoking accessories, alternative herbal remedies, and holistic wellness products that promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Through continuous research and development, they constantly introduce new and innovative products to their catalog.

I will review their Goliath 2-gram Pods Duo, Berry Blue & Hawaiian Snow today.

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Goliath 2 Gram Pods Duo - Berry Blue


Most disposables or vape pens come with one cartridge; you can only experience one flavor/strain at a time. What sets these 2-gram pods apart is that you can mix and match according to your mood and experience the benefits of both sativa and indica or indica/sativa and hybrid. It's a great way to put a little kick in your day, and switching the pods out as much as you want is also a great benefit.

The first pod I decided to try was the Berry Blue pod, infused with Delta 6, 8, THC-P, THC-B, and HXY-11. All of these cannabinoids combine to intensify your experience, and vaping is a great way to receive the benefits of each cannabinoid.

My experience with the Berry Blue weed strain was truly memorable. As a popular indica, I had heard great things about its sweet flavors of fresh blueberries and its ability to induce a long-lasting euphoria. As soon as I took my first hit, I could taste the new blueberry flavors and was pleasantly surprised. However, it wasn't until my third hit that I truly felt the relaxing and euphoric effects of Berry Blue.

It provided a soothing experience, making it a perfect strain for unwinding after a long day. I can see why Berry Blue is loved by many and has become one of my favorite strains.

Goliath 2 Gram Pods Duo - Hawaiian Snow

The next Goliath Pod I decided to try was the Hawaiian Snow. My experience with the Hawaiian Snow weed strain was exhilarating. But where Hawaiian Snow stood out was in its height. As I took my first hit, the smoke was smooth, and the taste was citrusy with a bit of spice. It wasn't until my third hit that I felt the energizing and giddy effects of Hawaiian Snow.

This strain was perfect for social interaction and creative endeavors, leaving me with an overwhelming case of giggles. It was the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day, providing a stimulating head buzz that kept me focused and motivated. Overall, my experience with Hawaiian Snow was unforgettable, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and uplifting strain.

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Delta Extrax Goliath 2 Gram Pods Duo Review - Conclusion

Overall, my experience with the Goliath 2-gram pods was terrific. I love the fact I can mix and match according to what I'm feeling; it's just refreshing having something that caters to my needs like that. I'm a huge fan of these Goliath pods and anything Delta Extrax has.

Try these pods for yourself and see what the hype is all about.