Traditional Vs. Modern Post-Harvest Processing

As the cannabis world grows, cultivators and processors are always trying new ways to streamline operations and deliver top-quality products to customers. One area that's changing a lot is post-harvest processing equipment. In the past, people used to do everything by hand, but now machines are taking over. 

This trend towards automation is significant for big producers, who need to keep up their high standards and output while making everything run smoothly. But is post-harvest processing going in the right direction? Today, we will examine that, so stay tuned and keep reading.

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Post Harvest Process

When it's time to process the cannabis after harvest, first, the flowers are taken off their stems so they can be dried, trimmed, cured, and eventually sold. In the past, this was all done by hand, which took time and effort. It was also easy to end up with uneven results. Skilled workers had to carefully remove the fragile flowers from the stems without messing them up.

With the new technology in post-harvest processing, the procedure is much easier, with modern cannabis buckers, growers, and producers save a ton of time and hassle. These machines not only help with waste management and workflow, but they also guarantee accurate bucking with little manual labor and mistakes. The machine gently separates buds from stems and stalks, dropping them smoothly into a collection tote at an impressive rate of up to 150 lbs per hour.

Early Methods of Cannabis Post-Harvest Processing

Back in the day, growing weed involved a lot of hard work. People had to carefully cut, trim, and sort the flowers by hand, relying on their skills to get the desired outcome. But as the industry grew, this method needed to be faster, cheaper, and less prone to mistakes. It was clear that a better, more efficient way was needed to keep up with the demand for top-notch weed.

The manual experience was more expensive, but the cultivators had their hands on their product, and they had a better feel of what they were growing and a sense of pride you couldn’t get with the machinery today.

 Modern Post-Harvest Processing


After some trial and error, the industry now has access to incredibly advanced machines for automating the post-harvest process of cannabis. These modern tools use the latest technology and can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of cultivators. With its multiple checkpoints and top-of-the-line equipment such as trimmers, buckers, and conveyors, these machines ensure high efficiency and superior quality control in the processing line.

By centralizing waste management, growers can simplify their work and keep things running smoothly. It cuts costs and makes things easier, which is vital as the industry focuses more on being environmentally friendly and responsible. Using a machine to buck the cannabis buds is even more efficient, with speedy processing and no harm to the flower. 

When it comes to setting up an automated operation, it's crucial to think about these factors and make sure you choose the right size and type of trimmer. While many growers still prefer trimming by hand, there are now new machines available that can do it automatically. The latest sorting machines can handle a whopping 1.5 pounds of unprocessed plant material per minute while keeping those precious compounds intact. This ensures that the end product maintains its top-notch quality, which directly affects its selling price. 

Automating this process means growers can handle more weed at once, so the whole post-harvest process goes quicker. Plus, the bucking machine always gives reliable results, so growers save time and have better and more abundant top-quality buds.

Optimizing Your Harvest Through Curing and Storage

Anyone who grows cannabis knows how important curing it is, and entrepreneurs in the industry are constantly discovering new ways to do it better. The process after harvest is just as crucial as the growing process itself. Skipping steps could make your bud less potent, lower quality, and less valuable.

That's where Terploc® technology comes in. With Terploc®, your flower will always be top-notch, from opening the package to the last bud consumed. The best part? It's all thanks to the curing process. No more shaking and burping your flowers every day. With Terploc®, excess moisture and oxygen are automatically released, giving your cannabinoids and terpenes the ideal conditions to reach their full potential.

Another great benefit is that you don’t have to do anything: toss your dried flower into a bag, seal it up, and let the magic happen. Depending on your preference, it could take anywhere from two weeks to two months for maximum potency. Easy peasy! When cannabis is dried and cured correctly, it brings out the best qualities of the strain. Whether you're a brand or a home grower, this simple step will make your harvest shine.

Grove Bags Is The Leader In Cultivation

Grove Bags TerpLoc® technology is game-changing packaging that the cannabis world has longed for. By taking into account the plant's natural physiology, it combines different film materials to make sure your stash stays in the perfect environment, even after the cure.

Terpenes are the compounds that give cannabis its unique flavor, smell, and healing powers. They're pretty important in keeping that perfect balance in cannabis, and they play a big part in how each plant turns out. Thanks to Grove Bags, they keep the climate just right for storing cannabis so that the terpenes don't evaporate or get damaged. That way, you can enjoy maximum flavor and benefits from your bud.

Where To Find Grove Bags?

Grove Bags is a game-changer when it comes to post-harvest curing and packaging. Unlike traditional plastic bags, Grove Bags are made of a special blend of high-barrier films that are specifically designed for the unique needs of cannabis. These bags actively diffuse unwanted gasses and excessive water vapor, creating the perfect environment to maintain the weight, consistency, and potency of your cannabis. It’s like having a personalized storage solution for your precious flower. 

Whether you’re a business looking to protect your valuable product or a casual grower looking to preserve your stash, Grove Bags has you covered. With different sizes and options available, finding the perfect Grove Bag for your needs has never been easier. Say goodbye to mold and hello to a worry-free storage solution with Grove Bags. Plus, if you use Coupon code SLYNG7, you’ll get an additional 7% off your next order!

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Traditional VS. Modern Post-Harvest Processing - Conclusion

In conclusion, the methods of traditional and modern post-harvest marijuana processing both have their unique advantages and techniques. While conventional methods have been utilized for centuries and hold cultural significance, modern methods offer more advanced technology and scientific processes. Despite the debate between traditional and contemporary methods, one thing remains clear- the importance of proper storage and preservation of harvested cannabis.

 Whether you prefer traditional or modern post-harvest processing techniques, Grove Bags is the ultimate solution for preserving your bud and extending its shelf life. With its innovative technology and superior quality, Grove Bags ensures that your marijuana stays fresh, potent, and enjoyable for a longer time. So, no matter your preference, Grove Bags is the best way to preserve your hard-earned harvest and make it last a while.