How To Tell If Your Smokebuddy Is Fake

With the huge success of smokebuddy and the impact it has made on the smoking community, it's no surprise some companies look to imitate and copy Smokebuddy's trademarked design. But nothing compares to the original, a high-quality, convenient personal air filter.

Counterfeits may look similar, but they are nowhere near the quality of the OG, and the manufacturers cut corners and often focus more on appearance rather than quality or functionality. To prevent you from getting a counterfeit, we will go over all the ways you can check if your Smokebuddy is real or fake. So stay tuned and keep reading!

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How To Tell If Your Smokebuddy Is Fake

It is crucial to determine whether or not your smokebuddy is fake because not only can you potentially get ripped off by purchasing a counterfeit product, but you also run the risk of the quality of the device degrading over time. Smokebuddies are used to filter and eliminate the odor and potentially harmful chemicals from smoke before it is exhaled, providing a healthier and more discreet smoking experience.

A fake smokebuddy may not have the same level of effectiveness, which can compromise your smoking experience and possibly your health. By ensuring you have a genuine smokebuddy, you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the full benefits and value of this product. Here are some ways to determine if your Smokebuddy is fake.

OG Initials


One of the most reliable ways to determine if a smokebuddy is genuine is by searching for the OG initials engraved inside the device. This small detail is often overlooked, but it is a crucial factor in distinguishing a real smokebuddy from a fake one. The OG initials are a signature mark of the authentic smokebuddy brand.

A fake smokebuddy would not have this engraving, making it a quick and easy way to spot a counterfeit. This shows the care and attention to detail put into the manufacturing of a real smokebuddy, solidifying its authenticity as a high-quality smoking accessory.



Examining the design of a smokebuddy is a reliable way to determine if it is a genuine product. A real smokebuddy is thoughtfully designed to provide the utmost convenience and functionality, while many counterfeit versions prioritize flashy looks. Furthermore, all designs and colors of smokebuddy products are custom-made, meaning that any smokebuddy featuring copyrighted designs from popular brands or TV shows is most likely fake.

Additionally, authentic smokebuddies come with a QR code sticker that leads to the official website, while counterfeit versions often lack this feature. By carefully examining the design of a smokebuddy, you can ensure that you are purchasing a genuine product that will effectively help you eliminate smoke and odor.

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Overall Quality

smokebuddy 5

As mentioned above, Smokebuddy prides itself on its functional and convenient design, meaning it underwent many tests to ensure its quality. Smokebuddies may be slightly more expensive than counterfeits, but a smokebuddy is made to last a while, being put to the test constantly.

Most counterfeits will last less than 200 puffs and are burdened with all the cleaning and lack of functional filtering. The price makes up for the quality and design of the original smokebuddy.

Smokebuddy Logo

The final and perhaps the most obvious way to determine if a Smokebuddy is real or fake is with the logo. The signature smiley face is all over the packaging and the Smokebuddy itself, so it's hard to miss. Because they take so much pride in their brand, it's a part of the design and very hard to miss.

This makes it a great way to determine whether or not the smokebuddy you have is real or fake.

Where To Find Smokebuddy?

When it comes to discreet smoking without the powerful lingering odor of cannabis, no one is better than Smokebuddy. Smokebuddy was made to smoke on the go without drawing attention, and their technology is unmatched.

Smokebuddy provides its customers with the utmost discretion when it comes to smoking. Their focus on producing high-quality, personal air filters promotes freedom of indulgence for smokers. As an organization, they are constantly striving to design and develop unique products, such as air filters, to decrease the adverse effects of smoke, odors, and pollutants while preserving the fresh air passive smokers are exposed to.

As a responsible company, they are also known for their generous sponsorships and donations to non-profit organizations, with their warehouse, headquarters, and distribution facilities located in Southern California, making their production process and distribution more efficient and cost-effective. At Smokebuddy, you can trust that the products provided are of the utmost quality while being assured that they also contribute to a good cause. Plus, if you use coupon code SLYNG23 for 20% off your next order!

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How To Tell If Your Smokebuddy Is Fake - Conclusion

In conclusion, several ways exist to determine if a Smokebuddy is fake. These include checking for the authentic label, testing the material, examining the logo and packaging, and researching the seller. By utilizing these methods, customers can make informed purchases and avoid falling for counterfeit products.

It is important to remember that these methods may not be foolproof, but they can serve as a helpful guide in identifying fake Smokebuddies. Ultimately, being vigilant and careful when making purchases can ensure that you get a genuine Smokebuddy that meets the high standards of quality and effectiveness.