Top Sandblasted Bong Designs You Can Buy Online

Are you looking to add a touch of class to your next smoke session? Sandblasted bongs offer a unique combination of artistic flair and functionality. The sandblasting technique creates a textured, matte finish that's visually appealing and improves grip.  So, ditch the plain glass and dive into the world of sandblasted bong designs!

Today, we will explore the most stunning sandblasted bongs you can snag online, catering to various styles and budgets.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sandblasted Bong

Before we dive into the list, let's explore some key factors to consider when choosing a sandblasted bong:

Size: Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, from compact and portable to towering titans. Consider your space and the type of smoking experience you prefer.

Design: Sandblasted designs can range from subtle geometric patterns to intricate artwork. Choose a design that complements your style.

Material: Most bongs are made from high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Look for a bong with a sturdy base for stability.

Filtration: Some bongs include percolators or diffusers for smoother hits. Consider if extra filtration is important to you.

Top Sandblasted Bong Designs Online

Now, let's meet our top contenders!

Blood Feud 11″ Beaker Bong with Collins Perc: Stealthy Sophistication

Blood Feud 11″ Beaker Bong with Collins Perc by milkyway glass

Milkyway Glasses’ Blood Feud 11″ Beaker Bong with Collins Perc is the first item, offering a unique take on sandblasted designs. This sandblasted beaker bong with Collins Perc is one of the industry's best-sandblasted bongs for its exceptional design and functionality. Featuring intricate etchings depicting the final battle between Vera and Darthor from The Chronicles of Kush: Blood Feud, this 11" glass beaker offers a visually captivating experience.

The collins perc with a highly detailed sandblast enhances aesthetics and smoking quality, while ornate details add to its charm. Complete with an orbit bowl, this bong combines immersive design with top-notch performance, making it a must-have for any smoking enthusiast seeking style and function.

What makes it stand out?

Unique sandblasted design: The bio-encryption pattern offers a distinctive and modern aesthetic.

Compact size: Perfect for those who prefer a more portable option.

Beaker base: Provides good stability despite the smaller size.

Company Reputation: Milkyway Glass is the leader in sandblasting designs and has some of the best glassblowers in the industry.

 ROOR® Sandblasted 14" Beaker Bong: The Classic with a Twist

ROOR® Sandblasted 14" Beaker Bong

The ROOR® brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, and the Sandblasted 14" Beaker Bong is no exception. This iconic beaker bong features the signature ROOR® logo subtly sandblasted on the body, offering a touch of sophistication without compromising the brand's classic look.

What makes it stand out?

Reputable brand: ROOR® is a trusted name in the bong industry, ensuring top-notch quality.

Subtle yet stylish: The sandblasted logo adds a touch of class without being overwhelming.

Beaker design: The base offers excellent stability and a spacious chamber for smooth hits.



The SANDBLASTED SOL Straight Tube is perfect for those who appreciate clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. This sleek and functional bong features a sandblasted design that enhances grip without overpowering the simple form.

What makes it stand out?

Straight tube design: Straight tubes offer a more direct smoking experience, favored by some for its efficiency.

Simple and sophisticated: The sandblasted finish elevates the look without unnecessary embellishments.

Easy to clean: Straight tubes are generally easier to clean and maintain than bongs with intricate designs.

Monster Glass Sandblasted Dragon Beaker Bong: Unleash the Mythical

Monster Glass Sandblasted Dragon Beaker Bong

We are calling all fantasy enthusiasts! The Monster Glass Sandblasted Dragon Beaker Bong is a true conversation starter. This impressive piece features a majestic dragon design sandblasted onto the beaker base, sure to turn heads.

What makes it stand out?

Eye-catching design: The sandblasted dragon adds a fierce and mythical touch.

Beaker base: Offers superior stability and a comfortable grip, even with the added weight of the design.

Monster Glass reputation: Known for high-quality, durable glass.

Hotbox 16” Beaker Bong: Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Hotbox 16” Beaker Bong by milkyway glass

The Hotbox 16" Beaker Bong is a showstopper for those who enjoy a statement piece. Made in collaboration with Milkyway and Koala Puffs, this substantial bong boasts a sandblasted design that covers a large portion of the surface area, creating a visually striking effect. It’s no coincidence that Milkyway Glass has another quality piece to add to the list. With their innovation and stamp in the glass industry, they have some of the best-sandblasted bongs.

What makes it stand out?

Large size: Perfect for those who enjoy big, luxurious hits.

Extensive sandblasted design: The sandblasted finish is a prominent feature, making it a true centerpiece.

Sandblasted bongs offer a stylish and functional upgrade to your smoking experience.  With various designs, sizes, and features, there's a perfect sandblasted bong for everyone.  This list provides a starting point, but feel free to explore the vast selection of sandblasted bongs available online. Remember, when choosing a bong, consider your personal preferences, budget, and smoking style. Happy shopping!