How To Clean A Smokebuddy

A Smokebuddy is a personal air purifier and filter device designed to reduce second-hand smoke and other airborne particles. The device is made of plastic and has a filter element inside. Cleaning a Smokebuddy is an integral part of its maintenance and should be done regularly to ensure optimal performance. This guide will provide the steps needed to clean a Smokebuddy properly.

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Identifying Parts of a Smokebuddy


A Smokebuddy consists of two main parts: the filter element and the plastic body. The filter element is located inside the plastic body and traps airborne particles. The plastic body is the device's outer shell, protecting the filter element from dirt and debris.

Preparation for Cleaning

Before beginning the cleaning process, preparing the Smokebuddy for cleaning is essential. This includes removing the filter element, which can be done by gently pulling it out of the plastic body. Once the filter element is removed, the plastic body should be wiped down with a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any dirt or debris.

Cleaning the Plastic Body

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Once the plastic body has been wiped down, it is time to begin cleaning the plastic body. This should be done using mild soap and warm water. The soap should be applied directly to the plastic body and then wiped off with a soft cloth or paper towel. It is essential to avoid using abrasive materials or chemicals when cleaning the plastic body, as this could damage the device.

Cleaning the Filter Element

The filter element should also be cleaned once the plastic body has been cleaned. This should be done by running it under warm water and lightly scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush. This will help to remove any dust or debris that has built up on the filter element. Once the filter element has been cleaned, it should be thoroughly dried before reinserting into the plastic body.

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Deodorizing the Smokebuddy

If the Smokebuddy has a strong odor, it may need deodorization. This can be done by spraying a deodorizing solution onto a cloth or paper towel and then wiping down the interior of the plastic body. It is essential to avoid spraying the solution directly onto the filter element, as this could damage it.

Reassembling the Smokebuddy

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After the Smokebuddy has been cleaned and deodorized, it is time to reassemble it. This should be done by inserting the filter element into the plastic body. Once the filter element is securely in place, the Smokebuddy is ready to be used again.

Maintaining the Smokebuddy

To ensure the optimal performance of the Smokebuddy, it is essential to regularly clean and deodorize it. This should be done every few months or as needed. It is also essential to replace your Smokebuddy when it stops working.

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Tips for Cleaning a Smokebuddy

To properly clean a Smokebuddy, following the steps outlined in this guide is essential. It is also important to use mild soap and warm water when cleaning the plastic body and avoid using abrasive materials or chemicals.